What’s up?! I’m Liv!

I'm a nomadic filmmaker, photojournalist, laugher, deep feeler.

Hunting golden electrons caressing moments. I strive to authentically portray the truth of what is happening in a moment. As a witness. A student. A storyteller who will pass on. Give hope. Share light and beauty we can observe every single day throughout every messy human encounter. I’m here to give you a glimpse of the sparkles of light in life. Not just directing pretty photos and films. But partaking of the reality of each moment.

I love the essence of the changing seasons and rain on dusty soil. How the light tucks mountains in to sleep under the stars. I could sing all day, or hole up with a good book near a rainy window. Hiking trails. Kayaking in a mountain reservoir. Laughing maniacally with windows down arms flung out stroking this life giving oxygen, and hair tousled in a wild mane. I want to be more intentional and love like Jesus each day.

People inspire me to interpret their artfully lived lives into films and photos. Ordinary and momentous. Adventuring wherever there’s light.

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