g o l d e n

I’m in love with the desert and Scandinavia all at once.
The blush of sun on stucco.

With golden light caressing the stone.

It creeps into the pale white window through the linen on the frame. Birds rustling in time with the wind.
Earth deeply inhales as all awake.

Ready to begin their paces.

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Olivia GarretsonComment
e m b e r s

I want to voyage on great and wild adventures, breathe alongside sand and earth and sky. 

To dance in tandem with the rain, and weep when others cry.

I want to come alive and feel each burning emotion.

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He Delights //

"Does God really hear when we cry to Him? Does He really care about us, or does He just endure and tolerate us because He has to? As the girls share their journey with a blind cat, baby chicks, and rescue animals, they give a poignant example of how genuine is the heartbeat of love God has for us." - Alicia Snyder

I'm so blessed to have gotten to work with these wonderful people again to create this film! 

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