2017 Recap

This year has been crazy and awesome all at once! I finished my first and last year of basketball, graduated high school, babysat sweet kiddos, bought my Jeep “Fika”, drank approx. 730 cups of coffee, shot 9 weddings, 30 sessions, and worked as Media Tech (videographer, photographer, marketing, and sound, visual, and lighting tech, etc.) this summer at Covenant Cedars in Nebraska. Now I’m a full time Wedding and Missions Photographer & Videographer and am so blessed by so many amazing people; as well as the amazing nonprofit organizations I’ve gotten to parter with through photography and web design this year! A portion of all weddings I shoot now goes to The Archibald Project who help orphans through media and storytelling, and I got to shoot for a book with The Global Poultry Initiative to teach sustainable farming techniques in third world countries. I’m super excited to go to Alaska in the spring to shoot for a radio station that broadcasts Christian radio into Russia! In the spare moments I read books, wrote music, cooked, played harp and piano, mentored sweet girls, and lead Jr. High! I got to watch so many sunrise and sunset masterpieces, designed 5 websites, became a Plexus ambassador, denied comfort zones, tore my meniscus 3 times, went to Ikea for the first time, started cutting my own hair, and flew to 3 new states. Played harp for a Senator banquet at the Capitol, co-launched Dala Town, shot for The Overflow Blog, and learned how to fly a drone. Wowza. 2017 has been a whirlwind, and I can’t wait to see how all these pieces get used in 2018! 

I stitched tons of memories into a quick video - which doesn’t nearly do the year justice, but it was so fun to reflect on it!  I thought it would be fun to mash everything together - personal, business, everything! Most of you only see one facet, believe me. It’s not all amazing pictures! There’s a ton of 4am editing marathons, and sometimes getting chewed out by mothers of the bride who are sure that what I’m showing them isn’t actually my work. Welcome to my crazy adventure that trusting Jesus brings. Don’t let your head fall off. ;) 

Thank you to all of you who encourage me, pray for me, and love me through this messy beautiful life!! 2017 was amazing because of all of you - my sweet clients, friends, and family. Here’s to 2018!!!