2016 { 366 } part 3

Yay! still going strong on this project! So amazing how creative you can be in the most unlikely places when you have to!

I can see so much improvement in my work when I set aside time to really look, and work the shot, work the shot, work the shot :)

So, here are last week's!!

Ahhhhh.... I get to babysit and hang out with the most joyful and smiley kids EVER. Always giggling and laughing (I am not funny guys. Really. They figure out how to laugh anyway!).

Oh man. Have I ever mentioned how much I love houses with abundant window light!??!!!?

Music in the Barn. In muck boots. Oh yeah. Only downside is I can't play in there for hours straight 'cause my hands freeze in the winter!!

Winter, Kansas, and robins!

Sunrise impromptu shoot with one of my brothers!

Okay, so just wonderin'..... does anybody else have a parakeet that plays basketball? We gave ours a loose bell the pick up and throw around, and she figured out it was super fun to throw it out the hole in the cage and make us retrieve it. (we put her food in a dish instead of a dispenser, so there's a gap). It's hilarious!! When you throw it back in she "dribbles" it around, shows it to her friend in the mirror, kicks and dribbles it down the cage, picks it up and slam dunks it!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ Olivia

Olivia Garretson