2016 {366 project} part 2

Still going strong on my 366 project!! Whoohoo! So here we go:

Yes, sunsets are amazing - but have you ever looked the other way?

When you're in the middle of chores and see a picture - well, this photog can't help herself :)

Give me cooking and give me light - yeah... I take a little longer to bake everything for some reason!

Mmmm.... chilly winter evenings with home-made soup eaten by candle-light...

Black+White - just because. Sometimes it's more powerful than color.

Monday #portraitsofme when you aren't feeling your best and don't want to put a lot into getting ready for the day - well. A simple half face shot will do. And that alfalfa hair garnish left over from chores...

SNOW!!!! Even though it's winter, Kansas does not typically wind up snow-covered for most of the season. The temperature fluctuates between 60 - like it is today - and below zero wind chills. And when it actually snows in the daytime when you can see it!!!

Plain and simple ~ Backlighting - my fave.

There is this contagious thing called the shutterbug at my house. I see something, grab my camera - then everyone else does the same!!

Kitty love!!!

~ Sunset remnant out a window ~

Communication and power. And the power of communication.

Another Monday #portraitsofme shot. Get 'er done.

Eggshells are extremely entertaining when coupled with a sharpie! And yes the blind job in the background is his handiwork :)

Plays of light

The first time this window has been open in a while!! Love that fresh air! Yes. It is still January. What can I say!??! It's Kansas :)

Olivia Garretson