2016 { 366 project } part 6

It's been so nice to see some green making an appearance in my 366 project finally!! Spring is my favorite season - plus my birthday is in spring, so double win! This week's post is a bit late - but life happens! And better late than never!

I'll never get tired of being surrounded by green in winter!! #LovethisFarmLife

My morning run in the field - I don't compete, it just feels good to run with the wind playing with your hair. And the air smells best at the break of day - sun sparkling on the dew.

When I get a shipment of prints, unpack them, then turn around and see this :)

Light patterns across the worn wood floors, sanded over the years by the grit tracked in on little feet... real is beautiful...

A small portion of one of our bookshelves... we have many!

Thanks for stopping by!



Olivia Garretson