A Breath of Spring on a Dirt Road Stroll

Spring in Kansas officially made its grand entrance the past few days with severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, hail, and lots of lightning! Early Monday evening the storms settled down a little and the sun even came out. The air was pure, and that most wonderful smell that comes after rain and dust battle was abundant. It was just. Beautiful.

I was just about done wrapping up work for the day on my laptop, swinging on our porch glider with a cup of steaming coffee, and just soaking in the gorgeous weather. And the other half of my brain just kept nagging me... "Look at that light over there!" Me: "Nope. Gotta get this done. If it's there later I'll go take a picture." the other me: "Save the work for later!!! Chase the light!" me "Maybe, but just one more thing..." the other me "IF YOU DON'T GET GOING NOW AND CHASE IT YOU'LL NEVER GET IT BACK AND YOU WILL REGRET IT." me: "Fine!! I'll do this when it's dark. Light! I'm coming for you!!". (I'm really not exaggerating. This was reasonably close to my thought process.)

So. Now I was on a mission. What does Spring in Kansas make me feel? What do I notice when I'm walking around, what is it that gives me this Spring feeling? What details and facets of the world around me contribute to that? And so, this is the result of walking around in and absorbing God's handiwork. Time to just be. Relax. I hope these photos will take you on a journey as well. :)

Yeah, my farm shoes. With mud. They are my adventuring shoes, and I use them a lot. (Yes I have another pair that are intact, but when I wear those I have to actually think about it before I run through a bunch of mud!)

Our lab Molly, always right by you to help out ;)


Blessings on your week!

~ Olivia

Olivia Garretson