Baily { Senior 2016 }

Wow. Just, wow. I got to hang out with Baily to craft some senior photos with her. And we had so. much. fun. This was definitely a session for the records!!

I’m always blessed with all the little corners and pictures that we discovered at every session! Even if I shoot in the same location multiple times, there’s always something new!

Baily told me that she really loved color, nature, the ocean, and laughing. Not tons of color in Kansas in the very earliest part of spring, and oceans are not exactly bountiful…but hey! There’s a muddy river! That’ll work, right?

Baily nailed the laughter and couldn’t keep a straight face (and neither could I!). Her awesome smile and laughter accompanied us through the whole session :) God made sure we found some amazingly colorful pockets, and the Smoky Valley River looked beautiful!

We had some beautiful cloudy light for most of the time, but right at the end the sun came out for a few minutes and made our water pictures really pop!

Loved laughing and making pictures with you Baily! Congratulations on your senior year!!

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Olivia Garretson