Talented Sofie // Senior 2017

Sofie has been in theatre since she was very young, so it was super neat that she chose to do her senior session there! She is SO talented! Her voice is just. absolutely. gorgeous. And she’s a pretty awesome actor too! :D I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several of their productions, and it’s always a treat to do pictures for such an amazingly talented group!

The Salina Community Theatre architecturally is fascinating, with some huge windows in the lobby! Definitely one of my favorite places to take pictures in! We found so many neat little places with cool light, shadow, and textures that accented her bubbly personality all the more. Some of my favorite shots were actually made in a tiny streak of light coming through a basement doorway!

Another highlight was when her mom (who was our gracious outfit transportation assistant!) pulled out the huge stack of playbills from all of the shows Sofie had done! Thank you so much for adventuring with me Sofie!! I had a blast crafting these with you!

Olivia Garretson