Gabbi & Gabe // Engaged

I’ve known Gabbi’s family for many years and got to do a family session with them last fall. And we. Had. A. Blast!!! So you can imagine how excited I was when Gabbi & Gabe got engaged and asked if I’d be their wedding photographer!!  Of course, I said yes! They love outdoors, Gabbi competes in equestrian competitions, and they love to swing dance together! Plus they’re just plain adorable! I love the way they laugh with each other and couldn’t stop smiling the entire session. 

I’m SO excited for you two as you’re planning your exciting day (and getting to know each other even better through that process!). This is such a unique and exciting season for you two! Ultimately I’m excited for you guys as you go on the adventure of life together, and your wedding day is only the beginning!!