Ana & Juan | Wedding

Ana and Juan’s wedding was so colorful and fun! So many family members and friends gathered to celebrate with them and help with their beautiful day. Ana and Juan met at Goshen College in Indiana through an art class, which eventually turned into hanging out with friends, some deep conversations about life, and chatting over the fitness center counter where Ana worked, and Juan ran track. They got to hanging out more and more, and after a while got engaged and a few months later this celebration happened! It's an honor to call you family and was a blessing to be part of your day Ana and Juan!

Their first look was so sweet!

Rory, Ana's nephew was supposed to be the ring bearer, but decided it was extremely undignified to carry a pillow with rings down the aisle, but was not opposed at all to placing flower petals strategically along it. :)

Juan's family made an amazing dinner with so many dishes, and several traditional Mexican fruit drinks. (it was all SO good!!)

The traditional Mexican fiesta flags that Ana's parents brought home from Mexico, and all the paper flowers Ana and her friends made added a really special touch to the whole wedding!


Also, shout out to Hannah for letting me hang out with her and make pictures all day!

Olivia Garretson