Battle of the Snowballs

...Also known as baseball/tackle football. Winter edition.

This can only equal fun (and a few tears, but that's bound to happen with snow/ice balls flying through the air at 50mph).

Oh yes, make sure your brother's face has at least one snowball plastered on it.

Laugh now - they will be back for you!

Though it seems inevitable that he should have gotten a face full of snow on that one - I'll spoil it - he didn't.


Tomten boy will get you!

Here I come big brother!!!

Whoops - that backfired!

Did I mention that the photog who has no coat on and jeans - not snow pants, and whose fingers are freezing, is NOT AN AVAILABLE TARGET OPTION!!!!!

Yep him up there in the red suit ^^^ he looks extremely cute and innocent. Let me tell you a secret - he HIT ME WITH AN ICEBALL about 5 seconds later. Mmm Hmm. Those things are stingers!

This cat LOVES him so much!

So there you have it! The epic snow battle! (I'm sure behind the scenes shots would have been even more epic - but I have not quite figured out how to split myself up to accomplish that :P )

Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ Olivia