Bella & Samuel // Married

Bella & Samuel, you two reflect God's light and joy so well to the world. Even more brilliantly together than apart. Your day was truly special. Nothing could dampen the radiant flames that danced that fine September afternoon. Thank you both so much for the honor of spending the day capturing that for you!! Blessings on your new marriage, which is far more important than these pictures, or the day itself! Enjoy this sneak peek of your wedding pictures!!!

DSC_3430 2.jpg
DSC_3327 2.jpg
DSC_3534 2.jpg
DSC_3576 2.jpg
DSC_3678 2.jpg
DSC_3416 2.jpg
DSC_3973 2.jpg
DSC_3518 2.jpg
DSC_3629 2.jpg
DSC_3585 2.jpg
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DSC_3686 2.jpg
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DSC_4137 2.jpg
Olivia Garretson