When Two Baristas Fall in Love // Samuel & Bella Engaged

When you take two of my favorite things - coffee shops, engagement sessions, and Tolkien, (whoops, that was three!) and put them all together with these two friends that I grew up with (yes, I knew both of them long before they ever met!) it honestly can’t get any better!!!

I remember singing in choir with Bella (also not ever being able to sing all the way through a single song, because Bella’s mom happens to be the funniest choir teacher ever!) Y’all - I don’t remember a single choir day where I didn’t laugh til I cried. Seriously, their family is hilarious! I also remember many wonderful times my family spent at the Finch home - usually including some combination of nerf wars in the basement, Bible studies, homemade ice cream, mosquitos, fireworks, and water balloons. And if I’m remembering this right - I think I even sang at Samuel’s graduation.

Eventually these two friends of mine started working together at the Blacksmith Coffee Shop & Roastery. Most of the time they just annoyed each other and flung glares across the room for not cleaning the espresso machine. However, things changed before they knew it, and everyone else saw it coming. Eventually their banter and disagreements turned to watching each other making lattes, and pretty soon, falling for each other.

Jake, (the barista on duty and their friend who had watched their relationship make the drastic change) courteously kept the laughter flowing if moments were taking on too much of a twitterpated essence by photo bombing through the windows.

Samuel & Bella, you are both such joyful, godly people, and I am SO excited that you guys are getting married!!! Blessings on you two and this exciting journey!

Samuel proposed to Bella using the book Silmarillion by Tolkien - which is a prequel to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but also a love story. So sweet!